How is your product available?

As an Owner: 

You will be able to choose between „One time“ or „Open“ for your listings.
The Open-Calendar allows the owner to set a broader timeframe or select multiple start and end dates, while the One time-Calendar  has a fixed 7 Days that are not flexible and allows one-time transaction for this holiday product.

As a Guest:
The Open-Calendar allows end user (guest) to choose from when to when they want to rent, this gives the guest more freedom when choosing rental dates, unlike the Fix-Calendar, which only allows you to rent the specific week posted by owner.

  • Example: Rental is available from January 1st until March 1st. User can decide what days they want to rent within this given period. A minimum of 5 nights is required.


                     Fix Calendar “One time”                                Open Calendar “Open”