How to get started as an owner?

Listing Toolkit for Owners
weHelp to make your Listing experience as easy as possible!

backpack1Basic Backpack

Pack your basic backpack with these essential tips!

membership Membership
Make sure you choose the right membership for you. Are you looking to only rent out once? Or multiple times? All memberships let you create a listing but only “Classic”, “Premium”, “Platinum” let you publish your listing. Here you can see all the details about our available memberships that suit your needs.

statusCheck your rental rights
Before listing your rental, contact your resort and make sure that timeshare renting is allowed, because each resort has different policies. Carefully read the resort rules regarding the timeshare rentals, you don’t want to violate any resort rules, which could result in financial penalties or contact your home resort for more information.
Make sure to discuss the following with your resort:
• Are there any restrictions in renting out your timeshare?
• Does the resort charge you any fees when renting out yourself?
(Ex. commissions, guest certificate fees, transfer fees, etc.)
• How do i transfer my timeshare week into a guest’s name?
(Booking confirmation is sent through weholi at the time of booking, but you as an owner must inform the
resort of the guest’s name and stay)

Have your ownership documents ready as a JPG, PDF, PNG or GIF to upload when requested. These documents are for security reasons. Owners of timeshare/vacationrentals are asked to confirm that they are entitled to rent or sell their product, residence or points when creating a listing with weholi. To read more about the documents click here.

24h Response
A quick response is extremely important, this shows that you are available to your guests and are more likely to book your property when they receive a response within 24h. So always stay notified via e-mail, or your notifications are in your “Inbox” via the dashboard. Here is your inboxYou can also get weholi on your homescreen (Mobile) for easy access, click here to find out how!

creditcard3 Payment Method
In order to receive any payments from guests, you must set up a secure payment method. Don’t worry, weholi has a safe and secure completion room where payments can be made via Paypal or Private bank account. weholi recommends using a private PayPal account, which is not only a safe method for money recipients, but also gives the person a greater sense of security. However, we suggest using PayPal for transactions up to EUR 4,000. Transactions over EUR 4,000 should be made to a secure trustee bank account.
How to set up your payment method click here.


rocketGetting Started

The appearance of your listing plays an important role; let us help make your listing more attractive!

photos13 Pictures

Your potential guest’s decision to click on your listing or not, will depend mainly on the lead image. So make sure choose an attractive and honest picture, misrepresenting your rental will only hurt your chances of finding a guest. Consider your property’s selling points and keep your target audience in mind. We recommend filling up your gallery with at least 6 eye-catching shots to grab the attention of your new guests. For important details on how you can make the best out of your gallery click here.

house Price
Search online for similar properties in terms of price, size, location and facilities or compare prices on Don’t forget to set different prices for different seasons; higher rates during peak season, and lower rates during off seasons. You can also increase your prices if you offer a special facility or service to travelers.
All in all; Set a realistic price and be flexible. Remember, months without tenants will cost you more than a few euros, dollars or pounds off the rate. Set the lowest price you would be willing to accept, but do not undervalue your property either.

home223 Description and Information
Does your description highlight the key selling features of your property? Be it your brand new kitchen, swimming pool, outdoor living space or beach access, is there anything unusual about that particular area? Emphasize the amenities, services and various recreational facilities available in the neighborhood and keep your target audience always in mind. Give as much information as possible, such as nearby shopping and entertainment facilities or attractions and sights to see.

increasing10 Rental Season
Competition during the off-season is huge, so you have to be more creative in order to attract potential guests. If you are listing your property to rent outside the traditional school holidays, try to offer smaller size units if possible, as couples are more likely to rent a smaller property.

Adjust your property images and description during the off-season thereby selling the delights of autumn or winter. No season brings out photographers like autumn, whereas winter is the most popular time for winter sports. Emphasize winter-friendly amenities such as a fireplace, hot tub, jacuzzi or event SPA for health and wellness.

badgeTop Listing
Our function “Top Listing” will make your listing stand out. This is only available if you upgrade to a “Platinum Membership” find out more here!

finishFinish Line

Finalize the rental process between you and the guest.

agreement2 Accept requests fast
Remember, you have 48 hours to respond to your booking requests. If you don’t, the request will automatically be deleted. We will send you a notification as soon as you receive a new request.

ask3 Questions/ Hospitality

After guests have made the reservation they may have some questions through our completion room you and the guest can directly communicate. Inform your guests of some local recommendations or some insider tips, your guests will really appreciate this information; there is nothing better than to receive some travel tips from an insider!

receive pay Payment and Confirmation

Guest’s payment will directly be transferred to your requested account, see how here.
We took care of the booking confirmation for your guest, all you need to do is inform the resort of the guest’s name.

sad70 No Guests?

No interested guests and your rental date is approaching? you may want to lower your asking price and check if your photo gallery is up to date with our tips. Click here for details.