Sell, Buy – Offer letter Example

Your Contact Details
First Name & Family Name
Street & Number
PLZ / Location/City/State

Actual Date

Offer to purchase
(Insert product details you are going to buy – Club / Home Resort Name, Details, Location if available)
(Name of current Owner and Member Number)

Dear Sir/ Madam
With reference to the above account, I would like to confirm my offer to purchase this membership, from (Name of current Owner) for the amount of ……………….euros, $, pounds sterling.

I am aware the first usage year for myself will be (insert year) also for that and ongoing years the responsibility of the management fees will be mine.

(Name of current Owner) has confirmed there are no outstanding fees on this account and has accepted my offer in principle.

I have completed and returned all requested documentation with my personal details.

I look forward to receiving my new certificate of ownership once the change of ownership process has completed.

(Your Name)

(Your Signature with a blue pen)