Tips on how to choose photos for your listing?

Adding the right photos to your listing can help you rent out or sell your vacation rental quicker. It gives your potential guest a more accurate idea of what to expect and distinguishes your listing from other similar listings. In order to find out which photos work better, follow our simple photo guide:

Your potential guest’s decision to click through or not, will depend mainly on the lead (main) image. Consider your property’s selling points and keep your target audience in mind.

We recommend filling up your gallery with at least 6 high-quality eye-catching shots to grab the attention of your new guests. Be it your brand new kitchen, swimming pool, outdoor living space or beach access. Let your guests see where they will be relaxing and spending unforgettable moments. Include a picture of the kitchen, master bedroom, kids rooms and the living room as well as the backyard if there is one. The more areas of your property you feature, the more accurate idea of what to expect a potential guest will have.

photo samples listing weholi

Do not forget to keep your photos up to date. If the season changes, so could your photo gallery.

NOTE: 500 pixels is the minimum picture resolution. Photos that don’t have sufficient resolution will look all blurry. Horizontal photos display the best and are recommended.